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Ice Sculpting, Ice Luge, Ice Bar.

About Us

Our Medium


 Ice is sculpted in a wide range of temperatures, the characteristics of the ice will change according to the temperature of the ice and the air around it. The clarity of the ice is due to the freezing process by witch circulation of the water  and freezing from the bottom up remove air. This done in a machine called a Clinebell. Ice carvings can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative.

What we offer


Specializing in corporate logos, Shot luges, seafood displays,  Bars and, special designs. 

Service Area


Servicing  Daytona Beach north to Jacksonville, south to Melbourne and west to the Deland aera. Daytona Ice Art is an industry leader in competitive pricing, dependability, quality and customer service ice sculpting.

My Background


My name is Mark Reed I graduated Daytona state collage with a AAS in culinary arts and a BAS in management. I started carving ice in 2009. I participated in the 2015 world Ice Art championship multi block competition and placed 5th in the world. Fun fact about me I've live on a boat since 2004.   I am a artist by trade and love doing it. it is a great feeling to take a block of ice and bring it to life for everyone to enjoy.